New Construction Plumbing Warranty Policy & Procedures

To save time and unnecessary damage to your new home, please read the following carefully, as it describes exactly what is covered under our warranty. 

Bonanza Plumbing warrants the plumbing system in your new home to be free of defects in material and workmanship (to be replaced or repaired by our option for specified periods from the close of escrow). Plumbing warranty periods are as specified below:


All dripping faucets shall be covered under warranty for 30 days after occupancy.


Waste, water and gas piping shall be covered for one (1) year after occupancy.


All drain stoppages, such as bath tubs, garbage disposals, lavatories, showers, sinks, toilets, etc. shall be covered under warranty for 15 days after occupancy. The occupant will be charged a service fee when stoppage is caused by any other material other than construction debris.


Emergency calls

Will be handled as soon as possible after call is received. At no time will technician enter residence without an adult (over 18 years old) present.

Non-Emergency calls

Within 12 hours, technician will call to schedule an appointment.


Fixture defects

All fixtures should be checked carefully at time of walk through. All plumbing fixtures supplied by Bonanza Plumbing shall be covered under manufacturer’s warranty for one (1) year after close of escrow. Fixtures are subject to inspection by a manufacturer’s representative. Any no cost replacement shall only be given when prior authorization is received from manufacturer.

Garbage Disposal

Shall be covered under manufacturer’s warranty for one (1) year after occupancy. The manufacturer has a service department covering your area. If warranty work is required, please give name of manufacturer, model, and serial numbers to customer service, so that proper service representative will be advised. Model and serial number can be found on plate attached to garbage disposal.

Water Heater

Shall be covered under manufacturer’s warranty specified by the manual supplied with the water heater. Please Note Different manufacturers’ warranties vary.




Any upgrade, alteration, re-installation, repairs and / or replacement of original fixture, in whole or in part, made by anyone other than Bonanza Plumbing, or their authorized representative, shall invalidate any warranty on that particular fixture. Bonanza Plumbing will not be liable for damages of any kind as a result of alteration, misuse, negligence, accident, maintenance, or lack of maintenance. Any alterations to existing systems, (e.g., additions of water softeners, sprinkler systems), shall invalidate the warranty on that particular system

Chips & breakage

Unless identified during walk through or damage is acknowledged by manufacturer as due to workmanship or to material flaws, breakage or chips which appear after occupancy are considered to be the result of misuse and are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

Finish Discoloration

Manufacturers warranties do not cover damage due to use of detergents or other abrasive materials. Decorator finishes, (polished brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.) are less durable than chrome. Refer to Homeowner maintenance #3.

Final Connections By Others

Bonanza Plumbing does not warranty any plumbing connection beyond water and gas appliance stub outs made by others. This includes the ice maker, dish washer, automatic clothes washer, gas dryer, range/oven, forced air unit, gas fireplace, landscape sprinkler system, and fire sprinkler systems.

Plastic Faucet Handles

Bonanza Plumbing does not warranty aerosol cleaner damage. Due to chemical reaction, plastic faucet handles are subject to cracking and staining from aerosol spray cleaners.


a. Bleach/chlorine tablets (e.g. 200 Flushes/Blue Boy, etc.) in toilet tanks, void all manufacturer’s warranty on all internal parts.
b. Bonanza Plumbing warranty does not cover overflows, slow flush flow, or low water levels from clogs and plugs caused by un-flushable items, (e.g. diapers, feminine hygiene products, napkins, paper towels, Q-Tips, toys, etc.).


Bonanza Plumbing warranty does not cover drains or hoses that are clogged or plugged due to organic matter, (e.g. grease, food, hair, roots, etc.). Refer to Homeowner maintenance #1.

Garbage Disposals

Bonanza Plumbing warranty does not cover jams caused by foreign objects.


Drain Care

To remove build up, (soaps, grease, and other organic matter), along the length of pipes that cause slow drains and result in clogs, only use environmentally biodegradable plumbing cleaners (such as Drain Care by Enforcer) which are safe for all plumbing, including PVC, brass, and gold plated fixtures.

Drain Odor

When water stands in the trap for long periods, or is seldom or infrequently used, an unpleasant odor can be emitted. Running fresh water down the drain monthly will eliminate this odor.

Finish Discoloration

Less durable than chrome, decorator finishes (polished brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, etc.) are protected with a light lacquer type finish and should be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild solution of warm water and soap or the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner. (See product manual) detergents or other abrasive materials will ruin decorator finishes.

Low Water Pressure

a. Shower Heads: In compliance with the State of California water conservation rules and regulations, the aerator (screen on the end of your faucets) and shower heads are of the water saving variety. Due to the flow restrictors, fewer gallons per minute of water flow from the fixture and in some cases it may take a little longer for water to reach the fixtures.
b. Toilets: In compliance with the State of California water conservation rules and regulations, most toilets are of the water saving variety and in some cases flush slower or less thorough.

NOTE: by law, Bonanza Plumbing technicians are not allowed to remove water saving devices.

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